Magazine information

Editor Frode Øien
Registration number 975 876 810
Postal account 0824 0121817
Mail address Scream Magazine, P.O. Box 3865, Ullevål Hageby, N-0805 Oslo, Norway

E-mail address

Internet address /

Fax +47 22 56 65 50
Telephone +47 91 12 54 80
Language Norwegian
Distribution in Norway Narvesen

Printing information

Pages 52-76
Circulation 5600
Printing office Elverum Trykk, Norway
Repro Asgeir Mickelson
Layout Asgeir Mickelson
Colours Cover is full 4 colour. Rest in black and white
Paper, cover 200 gram
Paper, insides 90 gram

Technical information

Size A4 (21×29,7 cm)
Bleeding Minimum 3 mm on three sides. No bleeding in back.
Offset Positive
Emulsion Down, right reading
Linescreen 60 lines per cm (150 lines per inch)

DTP information

Computerplatform Macintosh
Resolution 300 DPI (dots per inch)
Picture formats Tiff and EPS
Font format Postscript
Programs QuarkXpress
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
External units 44, 88 and 200MB SyQuest

When sending ads on film, follow these specifications:
Offset positive, right reading emulsion side down. 60 lines per cm.
Color ads: 4 films (cyan, yellow, magenta and black).
Black and white ads: 1 film (black).
Bleeding: minimum 3 mm. No bleeding in back.
Use cropmarks and enclose colourproof.
IMPORTANT: If the ad is smaller than full page – you must send offset negative film, right reading emulsion side up.

When sending ads by data, follow these specifications:
Macintosh formatted diskettes (standard diskettes, CD, SyQuest or DAT tapes).We will only accept ads made in Quark, Illustrator or PhotoShop (300DPI). If sending standard diskettes – send double set! Remember including fonts (IMPORTANT: both printerfont and font suitcase).

For sending ads over Internet:
Contact us for FTP address or ISDN number! Please contact us before sending ads by e-mail!