What is Scream Webzine?

Scream Webzine is ment to be a supplement to the original paper version of Scream Magazine. Over the years we have felt more and more pressure from around the world to write in English instead of our own language, Norwegian.

Since more and more people are discovering the Internet, we have decided that this is the best way to spread our information until there is an English version of Scream Magazine available. Then again, this will only depend on the response we receive from readers outside Norway. We have taken our first steps into the World Wide Web, and we will continue to plunder.
Within our Webzine-pages, you will find a short-version of the actual magazine. You will find almost every CD that has been reviewed since magazine #26. Instead of extensive reviews you will find short summaries. We will have about 30-40 of the interviews available on the net, but these interviews will also be presented in summary form. We want to be your most reliable source of information. We have become a major source of information all over Europe, and are rapidly emerging into markets all over the world. Scream Webzine is dedicated to serve readers with the most current and informative information available in the HR/HM world.
We want to know what you think about the Webzine. We often depend on our readers as a source of current information. If you have any interesting ideas or if you simply think that our website needs improvement, send us your thoughts by e-mail! Scream will only be successful if our readers are satisfied. Please do not hesitate to participate in our screaming digital revolution... This means you!!!
Do you have an interesting web page? Let us know! If you make a link to Scream Webzine, please send us yours. We will check your web page, and if we find it interesting we will post your link in Scream Webzine for all of our readers to see.

We hope you will enjoy our site and continue to return.
Stay updated on the metal scene! You are always welcome!



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