What is Scream Magazine?

Scream Magazine is a Norwegian based hard rock and heavy metal magazine. We are based in the capital of Norway - Oslo. The magazine got started in the autumn of 1990, and the first edition was issued in november '90 (see picture on the right).

All editorial stuff, layout and production of the magazine is all done as part time jobs for all involved. But that doesn't mean we don't put in as much effort as it takes to run a magazine of fairly good quality, and we are pretty much satisfied with what we have done so far.
Each journalist is pretty much different to another - both in personal taste and in the way of expression. We cover every style that fits the expression hard rock and heavy metal - traditional, AOR, grunge, glam, sleaze, gothic, doom, thrash, death, hardcore, black, progressive, technical etc etc. We're unprejudiced, there's hardly any limitations for what we cover as long as it's metal. And, we do not only cover the big names - high sales figures is not the only ticket to get featured in Scream Magazine.

Reg. no: 975 876 810 mva

Bank: 7874 0625186




  • News
  • 20-30 interviews
  • 150-250 album-reviews
  • 5-10 Live-reviews
  • Various articles (about music business etc)


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