The first edition of Scream Magazine hit the streets in early November 1990. Probably the worst timing ever for starting up a pure hard rock/ metal magazine, as the grunge thing was starting to dominate the music scene…and grunge were not exactly what Scream Magazine had in mind when it came to features.

As expected the industry laughed at us and didn’t exactly predict Scream Magazine to be around for a very long time. But now, nearly 20 years later, we are still around, and are by far the longest existing music magazine ever in Norwegian history!

The magazine was put together by Frode Øien (tired of doing metal radio shows for a period of 7 years) and Asgeir Mickelson (probably best known as the drummer of Spiral Architect and Borknagar, but also live and/or studio drummer for bands like Testament, Ihsahn amongst others…). With a few friends joining in, we produced the first edition in record time and have never looked back since.

Scream Magazine has been true to its roots since day one, our aim has always been to inform and educate our readers about what is going on in the world of hard rock and metal in various genres. Scream Magazine has always been about metal, true heavy metal, classic heavy metal, but also with some focus on extreme metal, with our long history with black-and Viking metal bands - we Norwegians have a “soft” spot for this kind of metal.
We also feel a responsibility to learn our readers about what’s going on in the world of hard rock as well, a genre closely related to metal and sometimes very difficult to separate. So for album-reviews we cover everything from melodic hard rock to the blackest, hardest and most extreme form of metal. For features, it’s more based on the different genres in the terms of metal.
Scream Magazine comes out with 10 issues a year, and usually with 68 pages in each issue. Features are a big part of the content, we also focus a lot of short reviews on album-releases, and have between 110 – 150 album reviews in each issue.

We decided from the very first day to have Scream Magazine written in the Norwegian language (sorry for all of you out there that don’t understand our beautiful language…). There have been discussions in the past to switch to English language, but the decision has been made and for ever and ever – Scream Magazine will be written in the Norwegian language in distant future as well.

In October 2010 Scream Magazine will celebrate 20 years in the name of metal, and will at the same time also publish issue number 150. A double milestone we are very proud of.

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